My conversation with Eleni!

I was honoured to be on Eleni’s youtube channel.

We talk to plant medicine and consciousness.

you can follow her channel here

I also talk about

About Eleni

You’ve followed the path of those before you. You have everything you’ve ever wanted, but you’re starting to question.

Have I fallen into a life that others expect of me? You can’t help but think, is there more? These thoughts have left you feeling disenchanted and disconnected.

Questioning……perhaps there is a different path? But you’re not sure how to find it. You hear small whispers from your heart. I believe that it’s possible to follow those whispers.

Break down the barriers. Navigate through the discomfort.

And live a life that is truly aligned with your heart. It might not look like how you’d imagined. But it will be magical. I am Eleni, and I am here to inspire you to lead from the heart.

I reclaimed my beautiful birth name Eleni (‘light’) at the age of 53. Prior to that date, I was Helen Mitas – playing the matrix at full speed.

Until I realized that everything I really wanted – I already had!


One comment

  1. Love your conversation Carl, you are a wise soul, and an excellent communicator. We are going to miss you both, but we will keep in touch. Xxx

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