River Meditaion

I wrote and filmed this at the beautiful Bells Rapids in Perth WA
I was struck by the fact that water does what water does. At times it is flowing fast and rapidly, and other times calm and slow moving.

I hope you enjoy it!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting down in front of a beautiful flowing stream. Notice how the water flows effortlessly downstream, carrying everything in its path with it. As you watch the stream, imagine that all your worries, stresses, and anxieties are floating away with the water, leaving you feeling lighter and more peaceful.

As you continue to watch the stream, you may notice that in some places the water flows faster, creating rapids that are fast and bumpy. Similarly, in life, there may be times when things move quickly and feel turbulent. It can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of these moments, but it’s important to remember that like the rapids, they too shall pass.

In contrast, there are also places in the stream where the water flows more slowly, creating calm pools. These pools offer a moment of respite and stillness, a chance to catch your breath and relax. In life, it’s important to take time to slow down, to find those moments of calm amidst the chaos.

Remember, the water in the stream is just doing what water does – flowing effortlessly downstream, sometimes fast and bumpy, and other times slow and calm. Just as the water carries everything with it, know that you too can release your worries and allow them to flow away with the stream. Take a deep breath and let go.

As you sit by the stream and watch the water flow, you may notice that it creates space. The water clears a path for itself, moving around obstacles in its way. Similarly, in life, it’s important to create space for yourself – to let go of things that are no longer serving you and make room for what you truly need.

Water can also help put things into context. As you watch the stream, notice how the water connects everything around it – the rocks, the trees, the sky. In the same way, our experiences in life are all interconnected. Every moment we experience, every thought we have, every decision we make – they all contribute to the bigger picture of who we are and what we’re capable of.

So as you sit by the stream and watch the water flow, remember that it can offer more than just a moment of peace. It can remind you to create space, to let go of what no longer serves you, and to see your experiences in context. Let the water be your guide, and know that you too can flow through life effortlessly, always moving forward.

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