Planet earth- Heart = Earth

I find myself here dwelling on planet earth,
And behold the water, air, land, and sea
In all the cosmos this is the place of my birth
This soil and rock surround me where I stand, 
Running down deep beneath me
Anchors my soul as part of the beautiful land
Together with the earth, I am forever bound
With trust, love, and breath so free
My roots plunging deep into the ground
If you take the letters from Earth apart
Toss them up, and rearrange you will see
By fate, they reform the single word Heart 
This is no coincidence, we are one
We are joined, in land and sea
The earth plus us makes the perfect sum
So why are we so quick to cause pain?
To this wondrous place to be
Wreathed in sunshine, oxygen, and rain 
Why do we look upon Gaia with neglect
Throwing waste & chemicals at greeds decree
We collectively act without thought or regret  
She is ours and for now, we are hers
Yet we disregard and maim with glee
Instead of love, we found a way to curse 
We need to take stock, cherish and hold
Turn off the stream of rubbish and debris 
Stand up for her, and be counted, to be bold
It’s time we stopped and took stock
Our earthen built souls we do foresee
Lift up and love the soil, dirt, and rock
And started to treat with respect, love, and care
Who amongst us will be our referee 
She has taken us from there to here
Think twice my friend of your place of birth
Mix up the words on your heart, this is my plea
And know that your heart is bound to the earth 

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