Ancestors, A tribute to those who have gone before

I am the seed of many I am the fruit that they bore

My eyes see generations Through times of love and war.

I stand fast

My ears hear their pleas

I can walk tall Standing on my knees

Their decisions guide my way

Their courage is my light

The path that I walk Deviates neither to left nor right

My past is where I draw my strength They faced it all before

And just somehow my line survived To here from a distant shore

When you are feeling broken down and bare You have warriors in your past

When you feel no one is near You have survivors in your past

Your heritage is strong

You are a warrior strong and true

You are of great value

You are a survivor because they went before you

Our ancestors are now ash and dust (we thank you)

Received into Mother Earth (rest in peace)

Giving life and hope, sustaining us (our vision)

From Mother Gaias’ bust (Amen)


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