The diary of the Lollypop Man Story #1

Really! The sign says 30 ks, you idiot. Now you have just sprayed me with stones and dust. I’m so pissed, I wish I could through my lollipop at you.
This happens every day, idiots that have no time to slow down, their life is so damn important that they can’t slow to a safe speed. Do you know how much training we have to have to keep YOU safe? Do you have any idea how many mind-numbing hours we are drilled about keeping ourselves out of harm, along with all our workmates? Think about it! Just for once.

You don’t know anything! You have no idea, you just sit there in your car, tapping your fingers on the steering wheel. I try not to look at you, I know that some of you will smile, condescendingly, Poor boy, you think, I heard you say, with a chuckle, to your children, “Hey kids this is what will happen if you don’t get an education, you end up like this poor sod” Well, my job is IMPORTANT, without me your roads would be shit. Aha you say, “aren’t there those traffic light systems?”Yes there are, but in most situations they are inefficient, you will end up sitting in a queue with nothing coming the other way. We have logic, we can see and make changes with traffic flow. So think about it.
My feet are really hot and really, really sore, I have had days of standing on this corner at the bottom of a gully, there is no wind, and with the temperatures this week I have been roasting. Added to this is just how painful it is to stand in one position for nine hours. Most nights when I get home my missus has a good feed cooked but she always says, “Boy go clean those feet, they stink” I threaten to hold my socks over her nose, but just one look from her and I know it isn’t worth it. I lie in bed, my feet aching as the alarm goes off, long before the sun has come up. Already I’m dreading the day.

You can’t see, but my face is burning red, today we are working just a few minutes out of town, and there is a takeaway joint on the road we are working on. This car comes hooning towards me, I have to flick my sign around showing them to stop, but this wanker in the passenger seat just winds down his window, flicks the finger at me and then throws the half-empty coke cup at me, I get splatted in coke and crap. Idiots, then sped through the working area, nearly hitting one of the rollers. I wish they had, that would have smashed the stink smiles off their stink faces.

Sometimes when I am bored I make up stories about people. I glance at you with my “sly-eye” and then tell myself a story. Middle-age white dude, bulging gut, balding head, yeah, bet he hasn’t been laid since last Christmas…Young mother, stressed as, kids in the back fighting, Oh bet she had a big argument with her man this morning. The Truckie guy looks bored, I reckon he’s on Speed, look at those eyes, darting about like a goldfish in a round tank. And you, Mr JudgementalI have my own place, I have a wonderful wife and two girls going through college at the top of their classes. I get to work on something meaningful and lastly, you pay me great awards on long weekends. Oh and I noticed once you drop your wife and kids off, you always seem to pick up the same female hitchhiker…
What will I be saying about you??? 

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