Why modern Governments have failed in the face of CV19 

Note, this is not a discussion about Vaccine mandates or lockdowns, but about effective and non-political leadership

Why modern Governments have failed in the face of CV19 

A non-political GOVT was needed 

We need to dismiss the “colours” and party jargon.  

I do not often express my views and I am not qualified in political science or the mechanisms of politics, I certainly do not profess to be an expert in history or human sciences, but I am guided by compassion and a deep sense of connectedness to my fellow human beings, creatures and the planet we live on.

When the virus story was first announced on media, we all took some notice, we have seen bird flu, swine flu, and though not related Mad cow disease etc. So, at first, it was ok, so another virus that will become endemic and no doubt will have an impact.

Then the Govts around the world started seeing startling images of people just dropping like flies in the streets, thousands of people dying everywhere.

Then as Covid took hold and swept through, we Antipodeans were comforted by the fact we are many miles from the overcrowded and polluted Asian and European cities and our leaders talked convincingly of “Flattening the Curve” which was prudent at the time.

Not since WW2 had we seen such a massive international scale of events 

It is a World War…

However, since then we have seen the demise of good and reasonable Government. They have stated we are in a state of emergency, and that because of these special powers are afforded to Govts, which is still acceptable.

Where I feel the Govt. lost a real opportunity to SERVE the people is to put away the political idealisms and party agendas and actually formed a nationwide bipartisan coalition to guide the countries through this time.

Instead, we have seen from every side, nothing but sniping, blaming and driving separation.

Whereas an amalgam of Blue and Red, Green etc to make  a “white flag” would have far better served us, the public. As no single Govt, could be across such a worldwide pandemic and following and continuing fall out.

No Govt can have its eyes on all sectors of this.

No Govt. Can be the “Single Source of Truth”

No Govt. Should be expected to single handily guide its people through it is unreasonable, and a far greater task then leading a country through “normal’ times.

We needed all hands to the pump. Instead, we get approximately 45% of any parliament rendered ineffective, with the other 55% trying to keep them at bay and trying to make sense of the impacts of shutting down the borders for prolonged periods.

Is there a historical context for Coalition Govts? 

Yes, they have existed. To varying degrees of success.

How would we the people respond? That would mean some adjustment for the majority as well, but I believe if we saw a multi-faceted Govt, approach in which parties laid down their arms and joined with the common goal of best looking after their people.

What other options

Use of Data, risk management and AI

When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nut.

I worked for some time in the digital sector with a software programmer that was brilliant in his abilities. We discussed how the use of AI modelling could be used effectively to minimise risk yet downplay the massive disruption that endless lock downs would bring.

The data quickly showed worldwide that the most vulnerable were of certain subsets of society, certainly starting with the aged, with existing health issues, secondly people with immunocompromised health conditions.

For any society to function with a moderate level of harmony, then protecting the most at risk is not only a notion, but the sign of a proper and healthy community.

But locking down people that have a low chance of illness, or complications is unsustainable, and I believe that we have yet to see the full manifestation of this practice.

Politics divide and conquer

A far bigger conversation is the future of politics. It is an outdated system, though I do not suggest that we disband leadership, direction, or elections. The system is not really able to deliver as well as it used to, we have some amazing leaders in the private and public sectors, it would be amazing to incorporate them in the present and certainly the future

As this is an evolving situation, no doubt we will see further political entrenchment, but is that what we need?

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  1. Agree – would be amazing to see great leaders from the public and private sector contributing their brain power. After a similar discussion on the weekend, a positive was pointed out to me – at least all of this has clearly demonstrated our existing systems are absolutely not working and not service citizens and communities.

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