Dog Biscuits #1 Tux-Delux


 Dog Biscuits #1 

I thought I needed to add some humour to my blog, the world is a funny place, and there are some genuinely funny things that happen

The case of the Batchelor and the Dog biscuits

One time my parents were attending a local party rugby function, and it was “bring a plate” which in Kiwi parlance is, “Bring a heap of food on a plate or platter to share”

So he and Mom duly turn up for the after-match function, in the corner sat a large stack of Lion Red Beer crates, and many Full-sized beer bottles stashed in the overworked fridge as possible, and several trestle tables with White paper “table cloths” covered in everything from Sausage rolls, chicken drum sticks, Egg salads along with pastries, cakes and sweets.

Dad was chatting to one of the valleys Bachelors,  Donnie Black, (Donnie was one of 7 bachelor brothers that farmed that at the far end of the valley and they were only was only spotted at Rugby games and the RSA (The local pub)

He sidled up to dad and looked at him with half-crazy eyes, “Ya see them biscuits there with the icing on ‘em?”   

Dad spied the symmetrical triangular-shaped Biscuits, smeared with brown icing.

“Yeah Donnie” he replied,

“Don’t eat ’em” Donnie whispered with a hint of conspiracy that would please any secret agent

“Why not, did you make them?”

“Yeah, and they aren’t effen human biscuits” Donnie continued, shaking his head, “Nah, they are dog biscuits, and I got some icing from the shop and covered them with it”

Needless to say that Dad stayed away from the Tux Delux biscuits, however by the early morning the plate was clean…

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