The Problem with Dogs

The problem with dogs is:

if you have a lazy dog, and you want to put on your fire a log, Then you have to shift that lazy dog to put in the log.

And if you have two dogs, and one is a growler and the other is a howler, you will have problems,

you see the growler growls all day,

and the howler howls all night.

So you have to put the growler in the dark, and the howler in a room filled with light.

And if you have two dogs and one is a racer

and the other is a chaser,

never enter the chaser into a race, because it will never win, even if it is faster than the other dogs because it will slow down and chase.

And never under any circumstances throw your racer a ball, because it will race it that is all. And as soon as it is passed that ball, it will keep running and running and never return, with the ball.

And if you have a dog that poops, be sure to carry a pooper scoop, Because if you don’t a man from the council will snoop and take away your dog in one foul swoop.

As you can see,

Don’t say you haven’t been warned

If you don’t want trouble then stay away from dogs.

Get yourself a cat or maybe a friendly hogg.


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