A pet-sized hole in my heart.

Today, I have a pet-sized hole in my heart.

And while I may shed many tears.

I am broken that we have had to part,

Let me recall and celebrate the years.

But I knew from the very start,

I can still recall the day,

Your love would bring riches only you could impart.

It was love at first sight is all I can say

You were always there to cuddle or play.

The walks and talks, the time together.

From my happiest moments to the saddest day.

In my heart, your memory lives forever.

And thank you for your boundless love and sassy attitude.

Even the time you pooed in the corner and scratched the couch!

I will always owe you a debt of gratitude.

Your big eyes made me forgive you, I can vouch.

So, my little friend, this is not the end,

I have the memories and feelings so warm.

I look at where you slept, this helps my heart to mend.

And while you have departed, deep inside me,

is your pet-shaped form

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