Kindness, humankindness,
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Be kind rewind was the a subtle test of our humanity.

Finding an unwound tape was a strain on my sanity


Being kind has no cost or fee,

But it adds riches to both you and me.

Then Glen sang, “Try a little kindness.” He posited that it would overcome blindness.

“What I say, kindness helps my vision?”

“Yes,” he replied, “it dissolves division.”

And the grapes that came with wrath,

may well be wrapped in silk.

Steinbeck showed us kindness is humankind’s soul milk.

Kindness demands no grandeur, prompt, or cause. It’s unbidden and unexpected appearance gives us pause.

It needs no motive of forgiveness or grace, But its very presence brings light to a dark space.

And it can be as inviting and wide as a mile.

Or as small as a stranger’s reassuring smile.

And if I have been unkind, Leonard did cry,

And like him, I pray you can please let it go by.

As I move about, I promise throughout my day, I am now committing only kind utterances to say.

“And to your spiritual practice add unreserved kindness; and to your kindness, add charity (love).” –  IIPetra 1:7.


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