Is it ethical to use AI to create text and images?

Below are two examples of using AI tools to create both text and Art.

I asked (the AI Chat engine) the following question

“Is it ethical to use AI to generate art?” its response:

“Whether or not it is ethical to use AI to generate art depends on one’s perspective. Some argue that AI-generated art is a legitimate form of creativity, while others argue that it lacks the human touch and emotional connection that traditional art forms possess. Ultimately, whether or not AI-generated art is considered ethical will likely depend on how it is used and the context in which it is presented.”

I have not abridged or altered the above text. One could say that asking AI to judge AI is like asking the Fox to mind the hen house. But AI is learning from the text that humans have uploaded.

The below image is from using the text prompts

“marble statue majestic mythical stag antlers merging into the moon”   

I also used the artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini as my muse, and his work is heavily reliant on marble and equine.

So I named this piece the Cervquine, Part deer, part horse


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