Hope floats

Hope floats

I had a very lucid dream in which I was walking outside at a farm and it was overcast and cold, then it started to hail. The hail was very strong and I started to feel cold

But alas, the last lines is all I can recall. And they were;

“There are Gots and Sots; But hope floats”

(a sot is an archaic word for drunk)

I then googled the theme “hope floats” in poetry and found out it is quite a theme. I encourage you to go look! 

So here goes

Hope floats!

The heart of the fire transforms, The ashes sink to the ground, Becoming carbon restored to earth & Eventually being drawn up to cycle around. Here Hope floats The water becomes injured, Pollution offers a dirty stain, But the sun pulls the water to the hemisphere. Retuning pure rain. Again Hope floats A man may lose connection with his soul, Forgotten faith and love But always will find peace even in death’s grip The soul ascends above. (Here He forgets his gots and sots.) This is why Hope floats

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