Skip the Stone

A short meditative piece.

Today my soul felt like a smooth river stone.

It’s edges are round, and without catch.

The top and bottom are symmetrical, equal in distribution and heft.

I rest on the edge of a beautiful mountain river, which tumbles past me in its never ending flow.

A lad is walking along the rivers edge and after picking up and discarding several stones, he spies my (well worn and hard earned) perfection.

I feel his fingers grasp me, this middle finger traces the outside edge, and after flipping me upside down and downside up, he pauses.

A few more steps and then he holds me to his heart.

“You are going to be my world champion skip,”

he whispers a sacred and silent hopeful prayer.

Then as he secures his footing, and practices his throw, his body and mine become entwined for just a moment, I become him, and he becomes me.

Then with momentum and grace I am released across the river.

Landing on a rapid, I skip and skim across the water. I am free,

flying and then landing and flying again.

I hear his voice, “7,8,9;” and then with excitement “15,sixxxtteeennnn,” and with all my effort and joy, I urge one more skip.


Together we are world champion’s.

I hear him whooping with joy, I am now tumbling through the fast current. I see the parent rock, and finally see a niche.

It is here I settle and rest, the water and sky above.

Gravity and earth below.

And a lads memory forever in my safe keeping.


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